Scholar Features

kreidler with a mask and snorkel on

Community through science: Foster Scholar Nissa Kreidler sheds light on deep-sea habitats

Dive under the waves, and you’ll find vast communities of marine organisms. From busy kelp forests to vibrant coral reefs, marine communities rely on each other for food and shelter. Communities and support networks are equally important for graduate students, albeit more difficult to establish at first. The Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program provides just that: a tight-knit community of peers and mentors. It's this sense of togetherness that brought Nissa Kreidler to the Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program.

jessica hale observing otters through a telescope

Paws up for science: Foster Scholar Jessica Hale tracks sea otter habits in Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary

The northern sea otter is the furry ambassador of Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. With their knack for naps and holding hands as they float, their cute faces are pervasive both along the coast and on social media. But it wasn't always so this way.

photo of a scholars jumping in front of a white van

The Biology Bus: A Q & A with Dr. Nancy Foster Scholar Alumna Dr. Nyssa Silbiger

Here's a conundrum: you have one summer to study intertidal organisms in 12 sites up and down the West Coast. How do you do it?

photo of a diver collecting species under water

Foster Scholar Lindsay Marks Takes on Invasive Species

The kelp forests of Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary provide shelter and food for hundreds of species of animals and plants, from abalone to sea lions. So how does an invasive seaweed impact this important ecosystem?